Guten Morgen Wirklichkeit! What a concert!
If Sunnyi Melles would act Ingrid Caven, she would look exactly like this!
(Tim Lienhard)

Though danceable, an almost steady tone of melancholy persists, the "good" melancholy, that Dowland and his contemporaries likes to call "merry melancholy", and that the Brazilians so much love as "saudade".
(Rolf Beydemüller)

Dazzling-dangerous cuddly toy?
The new LULU is there!
(Andreas Greger)

With Chansons-for-the-21.-century, a smart collage of quotes from Jazz, Classics and Pop music, this unique Duo travels between Swinging Berlin of the Twenties, our globalized present time and the restless feeling of electronically inspired science- & technology attitudes.
(George Solar)

Nothing is just one world with Amé Toki, everything is in between.
Dawn atmosphere, where suddenly something gets lighter and one thing connects to the other.
(Leonie von Watzdorf)

Day & Night - Amé Toki sounds like the time in between.
(Uli Sigg)

Amé Toki is sensuality in notes.
(Alexander Hemmpel)